Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Journey of Solar Alchemy

In honor of Summer Solstice, a new transcript of a guided journey by Olivia Robertson, offered during the FOI Convocation in 2004 has been uploaded. It is called Journey of Solar Alchemy. I hope you enjoy it!

Photo: Olivia performing an alchemical wedding courtesy of Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality

Friday, June 16, 2017

Alchemy of Sekhmet

“… you ascend to the sovereign sun, to the temple of Ra. It is a golden temple with lions at the gates. You see the presiding Goddess - it is Sekhmet. She is crowned with the sun and sends out a glorious energy. It is the golden light that nourishes the earth. She asks you to help the earth. You want to know how to help the earth and all creatures upon it. … You feel a glow, an energy within your solar plexus and heart, you see the inner star, the immortal essence in all that is, feel it shine forth within you, as the Daughters and Sons of Ra … you can face evil and turn it into good … that is the true alchemy of Sekhmet.” ~ Olivia Robertson, excerpt, transcript, guided journey, Isis Oasis, 2008

Olivia's art, guided journeys and writing are available on this page: 
Olivia Robertson Fellowship of Isis Central Website (www.fellowshipofisiscentral.com)

Photos courtesy of Olivia Robertson. Painting by Olivia Robertson of Sekhmet as Eye of Ra, and icon of Sekhmet guarding the temple entrance.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dates for Upcoming FOI Events

FOI Chicago will be hosting a Summer Solstice Celebration on Saturday, July 15 and Sunday, July 16, 2017. The doors will open at 11:30am and the event will start at 12:30pm. For more information please contact Demetria at hail_isis@yahoo.com or contact her via Facebook.

A Beach Ritual and Private Gathering featuring author M. Isidora Forrest will be hosted by Temple of Isis/Long Beach. The Beach Ritual will be held on Saturday, July 15 and the private gathering on Sunday, July 16, 2017. The gathering will be at a private venue, so space is limited. Contact Anniitra Ravenmoon sacredraven@msn.com

The FOI Liturgy Circle is offered every month by attunement to members worldwide. For more details please visit the Fellowship of Isis Utah website: http://www.isisofutah.org/upcoming-events/2017-fellowship-of-isis-liturgy-circle

The Inner Sanctum Symposium on Infinite Possibilities is scheduled for Thursday, May 3 – Sunday, May 6, 2018 at Isis Oasis Retreat Center in Geyserville, California. Contact Rain Graves rain.graves@gmail.com

The 28th annual FOI Convocation will take place Friday, October 6 – Monday, October 9, 2017 at Isis Oasis Retreat Center in Geyserville, California. Contact Rain Graves  rain.graves@gmail.com 

Photo: courtesy of Tony Mierzwicki, beach ritual, TOI/Long Beach, 2016

Sunday, April 2, 2017

FOI Liturgy Translations in French


FOI Liturgy French Translations - Five new rites translated into French have been uploaded to the FOI Central Website, from "Dea, Rite and Mysteries of the Goddess" have been uploaded: Rituel 6. Hiver. Star Rite (Winter. Star Rite); Rituel 7. Automne: litanie dea la terre (Autumn. Litany of the Earth); Rituel 8. Mystere de l'Eveil d'Osiris (Mystery of the Awakening of Osiris); Rituel 9. Le mystere des spheres (The Mystery of the Spheres); Sophia. Rituel 1. Reveil mystique des poissons et de Cerridwen (Mystical Awakening of Pisces and Cerridwen). Heartfelt thanks to Sarah Rooke and to Rarius Chandalen and Nathalie Guyomarch of Iseum Les Sentiers d'Avalon. 

(Photo: courtesy of Dennis Murphy of Logic Reality)



Saturday, April 1, 2017

Mirror Magic with Olivia Robertson

In honor of the Centenary of Olivia Robertson (b. April 13, 1917) a series of thirteen meditations will be conducted from April 1 - April 13. The meditations are focused upon a particular magical technique employed by Olivia Robertson and her brother Lawrence Durdin-Robertson in their temple. A full account and the meditation for day one can be viewed at this link:

Mirror Magic with Olivia Robertson

Each day from April first until the thirteenth of April (the date of Olivia's birth) a new meditation will be uploaded on the Mirror of Magic page on Fellowship of Isis Central (www.fellowshipofisiscentral.com)

Monday, March 13, 2017

Celebrating the Centenary of Olivia Robertson

Celebrating the Centenary of Olivia Robertson Around the World

Fellowship of Isis Central is asking members and friends, individuals, centres, and Hearths of the Goddess, to raise a glass and indulge in some cake in honor of Olivia’s centenary! There are several celebrations going on around the world next month to celebrate her birthday for this unique and brilliant woman who bought the Goddess alive for so many. They'll be in Avalon, in California, in London, and elsewhere.

FOI Vernal Equinox Celebration
41st Anniversary of the Fellowship of Isis
March 18th, Saturday
Unitarian Universalist Church
5450 Atherton Street
Long Beach, California
Among the many wonderful offerings will be a special presentation using a magical working by FOI Co-founders Olivia Robertson and Lawrence Durdin-Robertson in their temple, which can be incorporated into honoring the 100th anniversary of Olivia’s birthday. Admission: Sliding Scale from $20.00 - $15.00. For more information, please contact Anniitra Ravenmoon at sacredraven@msn.com

Celebrating the Centenary of Olivia Robertson
Saturday April 8th
United Reformed Church, High Street, Glastonbury
Inspired by the Isis Navigium, a favorite festival of Olivia's, Isis of Avalon is holding a day in Ceremony and Celebration, tapping into the magical current at the heart of the FOI, here in 'Mystic Avalon' as Olivia would say. Caroline Wise will be sharing a presentation slide show of Olivia's life.
We aim to start at 11am and to finish around 5pm. All are welcome with a contribution of £5 - £10 (whatever you feel) to cover costs.

Central London Celebration
6.30 – 9.30pm. Evening of April 13th
Olivia’s 100th Birthday
For those in London who knew Olivia or have an interest in her work, come along to on her 100th birthday, April 13th, 6.30 onwards, to raise a glass, have some cake and good goddess company, and a couple of cheerful presentations and show some slides. She had an interesting life, with many facets, and she loved visiting London, where she was born and lived for quite a time. We’ll offer a glass of Baileys, her favorite tipple, to the spirit of the place for the goddess, and have fine discussion and share memories. There will be a £2 charge to cover cost of the room. Please PM FOI central you want to come. We are just hiring their upstairs room.

Temple of Isis/Isis Oasis
6:30 – 9:30pm. Evening of April 13th
Olivia’s 100th Birthday
Meditation and remembering of Olivia Robertson in conjunction with FOI members in London. Contact Kasey Conder at kaseyconder@hotmail.com

And by Attunement Around the World
Members may wish to light a candle, some incense, and join in attunement, or at a time suitable to them, on the evening of 13th April, with reading the oracle of Hertha aloud from one of Olivia’s oldest Liturgy books, “Urania, Ceremonial Magic of the Goddess.” Meditate and share any insights. Have a drink and some cake for afterwards.

Earth Magic of Transformation
Oracle of the Goddess Hertha
Whenever the longing heart turns to the Mother, there I take up My abode. I am the Hearth Fire, the Heart of Life, and the secure earth that is your home. And this My hearth is one, and yet manifest throughout the galaxies. Honour your home, the earth, not for its greatness, but for its littleness. For in this matrix is your protection.

Be as My children the animals, the birds and the plants. For they die not but live forever in My everlasting home. Their existence of birth and struggle and death are to them but dreams. Only humans believe they die. And through this delusion they suffer.

Turn to My deeps and you will find My jewels. These many coloured gems are concealed in your own bodies. My rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds glow in your red Tree of Life: My veins of Gold and Silver flow in your blood: My Poles of Balance are fixed within your bones. Turn to your roots. Despise not touch nor smell nor taste. These bring you into communion with Me and with all My children. Know Me as the Earth Mother Who bringeth forth all things that breathe and move and have their being. My Body holds all the elements. So My children are of My substance. I am in them all. And I am Immortal.

Photo: Olivia Robertson at her 90th birthday celebration. All rights reserved.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Isian News, Brigantia 2017

Brigantia Greetings Aset Shemsu! Isian News, Issue No. 163, Brigantia, 2017 has just been published! Cover: “Brigid na Mara” by Olivia Robertson. Oracle: The Goddess Brigantia by Olivia Robertson. Editorial: The Fellowship of Isis by Steve Wilson. Daily Attunement Times & FOI Daily Prayer. Officially Authorized Groups on Facebook. Announcements: Call for Submissions for Anthology on the Goddess Hathor; What is New on Fellowship of Isis Central; Upcoming FOI Events: Reports; Muses Symposium Contributions by: Lady Isis Cerridwen; Shakila Ioanna Brati, Hamsa Devi, Tina Georgitsis; Caroline Wise; Mana Youngbear; Michael Starsheen; Carolina A. Amor. Goddess World Contributions by Michael Starsheen and Linda Iles. News from Members and Centers.

A new Oracle of the Seasons has just been published. It is the wonderful Oracle of the Goddess Brigantia from the FOI Liturgy Book “Brigid of the Rainbow Planets” rite. No. 4, “Realm of Jupiter: The Sword in the Stone.”